Call for Speakers

The purpose of the conference is to bring people together to talk about the future of the web and emerging JAMstack technologies (JavaScript, APIs, Markup). With servers abstracted away by CDNs and APIs, and frontend revolutionised by git, powerful buildtools and modern frameworks, the JAMstack is a way of building websites and apps that are fast, secure, and simple to work with.

What We’re Looking For

We’d love to hear talks about any way you’re working with a part of the JAMstack. This can include front-end development, deployment strategies, and local build tools like static site generators.


Topics that focus specifically on the JAMstack workflow are especially high on our list. For example:

  • Performance/security advantages of serverless sites
  • Strategies for adding “dynamic” features (forms, eCommerce) to static sites
  • Prerendering techniques for single-page apps
  • Interesting or unexpected uses for static site generators
  • Building client sites on the JAMstack
  • Integrating static site generation into your build process
  • Leveraging interesting or powerful front-end-consumable APIs
  • Working with “backend as a service” options: Serverless framework, Firebase, Kinto, etc.

General Web Development

Because the JAMstack is all about leveraging front-end web technologies, virtually any front-end or open web topic falls under the JAMstack umbrella. As long as your topic doesn’t rely on a traditional backend (like a Rails app or a WordPress site), it’s probably a great fit for our audience. This might include:

  • Serverless progressive web apps
  • Accessibility tools and techniques
  • Front-end testing or debugging
  • Interesting projects in data visualization
  • Strategies for image hosting and optimization
  • Tips for front-end performance improvements
  • Leveraging built-in browser functionality (HTML5 forms, etc.)

Propose A Talk

So, interested? We’d love to hear from you. Send us a proposal for your talk via our PaperCall page.