Frequently Asked Questions

When is Active Ingredients: Web?

Thursday, April 27th, 2017. Some details about the schedule:

  • Doors will open at 10am
  • Talks will end at 5pm

Where is Active Ingredients: Web?

Active Ingredients: Web will take place in downtown San Francisco. The exact address will be provided to invited attendees.

Will there be food & drinks provided at Active Ingredients: Web?

Yes, tickets to Active Ingredients: Web include lunch, a light dinner (at the reception), water, coffee, and beer. Exact details of the catering are still being worked out, but we always try to serve delicious food from local producers.

Where can I find a full schedule for Active Ingredients: Web?

We will post a full schedule for the talks closer to the date of the event. We are still finalizing the lineup and working with speakers to create useful, informative talks.

Can I volunteer at Active Ingredients: Web in exchange for free admission?

We will be accepting up to 20 volunteers for Active Ingredients: Web. Volunteers will be asked to perform conference related duties for one half of the conference, but are welcome to watch the talks as they are happening.

If you’re interested, please sign up to be a volunteer.

Will you be posting videos of the talks and panels?

Yes, we will be posting videos of Active Ingredients: Web talks and panels a few weeks after the event takes place. We will send an email to the newsletter and to attendees letting them know when the talks are posted.

Will slides from the talks be made available?

We will try to make slides from the talks available, but make no guarantees about it.